by Jenn Ewles

We don’t always know what is expected of us so here are some suggestions to make bus ridership more enjoyable for everyone.

If you are in one of the courtesy seats located at the front of the bus, you will be expected to give it up to someone who is less able-bodied than you are. If you are not in one of these seats but see someone struggling or an elderly person, it is not offensive to offer your seat to them. They will probably appreciate it very much.

If other people can hear your music, then it is too loud. Please use headphones or ear buds. Not everyone will agree with your taste in music. Please keep cell phone conversations as quiet as possible.

If you have food or drinks with you on the bus, please be tidy & take your garbage with you when you exit the bus.

Please hold your bags or tuck them under your seat/feet so as not to clutter the aisles or take up extra seats. If you are standing on the bus, please remove your backpack & set it on the floor between your feet to increase standing room. This will avoid you hitting someone with it as you turn around and it will also ensure you have a proper centre of gravity should the bus need to stop suddenly. Strollers should be folded up whenever possible.

Keep entrances & exits clear so people can safely enter & exit the bus. If your stop is coming up, please do not block the entrance until you are exiting the bus. Whenever possible, please enter at the front & exit through the rear doors.

When entering the bus, please move toward the rear, especially during peak hours when the buses are full. This will ensure maximum ridership.

While waiting in line to board the bus, please be patient. Do not cut in front of others. Do not push or shove. This will ensure that no one gets trampled on or pushed under the bus. It is a courtesy to let less able-bodied people on the bus first. Remember that it is better to miss the bus than to injure another person.

Please keep your feet off the seats around you. First & foremost, this is a safety issue. Just like in a car, if the bus is forced to stop suddenly, you could end up with your knee in your chest causing a much more serious injury. Second, this keeps the bus cleaner for everyone’s benefit.

Refrain from unnecessary communication with the driver while the bus is in motion.

Please refrain from wearing strong scents. You may like your perfume but others may have a serious allergic reaction to it.

Be early to your bus stop so you see the headlights instead of the taillights. If you see your bus coming, be alert. Show your intent to board that particular bus. Many bus stops have multiple buses & bus drivers cannot read your mind. If you are sitting in a shelter, get up, come out & stand in front of the stop. Have your fare ready to go. This saves time & enables the buses to better keep to their schedules.

Smoking, vaping & consuming alcohol is illegal on city buses. 

Listen to your driver & follow his instructions.

Most importantly, think of how you want to be treated by others & be kind.