Our Mission:

Bus Riders of Saskatoon advocates for better public transit in our city, province and country.


Vision Statement:

Bus Riders of Saskatoon want to live in a country where public transit is easy.  It should be a viable transportation choice for all and a basic right of residency. Public transit should be accessible, effective, and reliable.

Group Norms:
All people are explicitly welcome and respected in our meetings and we will strive to include and represent the interests and varying perspectives of riders. We appreciate that we are all volunteers and that we are all learning and doing the best we can in our roles. We bring different life experiences and values to the table but what we share is a desire to work for positive change in our transit system. We aim to achieve changes in the short-term while keeping a long-view in mind and agree to engage constructively and respectfully and not just within the group but also with decision-makers, the media and the general public.
In meetings, we agree to keep comments respectful and brief and respect the role of the meeting facilitator(s) who may need to cut us off from time to time to keep the conversation on track and on time. We will avoid tangents and side-bar conversations and speak one at a time. We will do our best to be accountable for what we take on and will try not to let each other down. If we have committed to a task and can’t complete it in a timely manner, we agree that we will pass the task to someone else in the group. When we feel someone is not abiding by these norms, we will gently let them know. Repeated violations of the group norms by any member will be brought to the group to discuss.