In the News

This group began in order to address problems and search for solutions in Saskatoon’s Transit system. If you would like to learn more about us, please see some of the press we’ve gathered since our start:


Transit services need to be election issue
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix | 10/21/2016
Saskatoon bus system struggles to regain riders
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix | 05/08/2016
Group aims to improve Saskatoon Transit service
Global News Saskatoon | 04/12/2016
Feel safe on a bus? Saskatoon advocacy group wants to know
CBC Saskatoon | 04/11/2016
Saskatoon’s 5-year transit plan aims at better customer service
CBC Saskatoon | 09/14/2015
Upcoming campaign aims to get people back on buses
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix | 08/15/2015
On the job, on the bus: Journalist takes on Transit Challenge
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix | 04/25/2015
Bus Rapid Transit could cost up to $330M
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix | 03/03/2015
Police Favouritism
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix | 02/27/2015
Saskatoon’s success targets garner mixed reviews
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix | 02/25/2015